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Q:  What is Square Dancing?  

A:  Square Dancing is one form of American Folk Dancing.  The others are Line, Round and Contra. Square dancing is the most common social form, with eight people forming a square.  The “Caller” moves the dancers into formations using a list of “calls”. Men are not expected to choreograph a routine for your partner, as you would in Ball‐Room Dancing. Women have an equal understanding of the dance calls.  


Q:  What is Whirlaways?  

A:  Whirlaways is a plus‐level square dance, social and service club.  Dance lessons are held in northern San Diego County.  Dances held in Escondido, and include Round and Advanced dancing. Get fit, have fun, meet friends, learn new skills!  


Q:  Who are the Whirlaways?  

A:  We are an active San Diego North County Plus‐level square dance club with social & service interests.   We are approximately 35 members.  

Whirlaways website is:        

Our Facebook page is:       

In addition to the website and Facebook pages, we produce a monthly newsletter.     

Q:  Do I need a partner to square dance?  

A:  For singles, during lessons we use a rotation system.  At Square Dance lessons, members are guaranteed a dance partner thanks to the generosity of our membership.  At dances, a different system is used for assigning partners.  The reality, there are generally more women than men. Women are encouraged to bring a dance partner.  The trend is going towards all‐position dance to increase participation, and make it more fun and a bit of a challenge.  


Q:  I learned Square Dancing in elementary school and I didn’t like it. Why should I try it now?  

A:  You may have, but Life changes, as do we.  It’s more much fun when you know more than just ten calls.   Plus, now you realize you won’t get “cooties.” 

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