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Benefits of Whirlaways Membership

Why join?

  • Get fit, have fun and socialize. It’s aerobic, weight‐bearing and calorie burning.

  • No prior dancing experience required.

  • Develops teamwork and listening skills.

  • Classes, workshops and dances offered.

  • Square dance attire not required.

  • Social events—BBQs, parties, plays, game days.

  • Most fun for least money.  

Where your dues go

  • Insurance (Secondary insurance covers you in case of injury while at a Whirlaways event).

  • Club Membership in the Palomar Square Dance Association – which provides 4th. Sunday and 5th Saturday dances and community events.

  • Provides one of the best class callers in the San Diego area.   

Other Information 

Quality guest callers at the dances, (see schedule).  

Our membership year is September 1 through August 31.  

Dues may be made by cash or check payable at Sunday classes, Friday dances or by mailing a check to:  

Roger Boates, 12217 Chardonnay St. San Diego, CA 92131 (858) 335-0756

Dues and Fees:  


* Dues $25.00 per person (Full Year)   

** PSDA Insurance $5.00 per person  

*** Insurance is required.  Pay once for all PSDA clubs.  

**** Badges $8.50 per badge.    Badges are optional and highly recommended

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